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Founded in 1985, Global Engineering and Testing Ltd’s team of trustworthy and professional consultants have participated in a variety of government and private sector projects, including the following:

  • Compressor stations

  • Concrete asphalts

  • Concrete settlement

  • Dam design and construction

  • Design of radon mitigation systems (CNRPP certified)

  • Earthwork

  • Expert witness in court

  • Foundation settlement

  • Gas plants

  • Groundwater investigation

  • High-rise building

  • Mining work

  • Phase I to III environmental site assessments

  • Radon inspections (CNRPP certified)

  • Radon testing (CNRPP certified)

  • Shopping centres

  • Site development subdivisions

  • Site inspection

  • Soil compactions

  • Soil contamination

  • Subsoil investigation

  • Transmission towers

  • Water reservoirs

Our testing personnel and equipment meet or exceed all prerequisites set forth by the Canadian Standards Association.

To better serve our clients, we also specialise in residential foundation inspections.

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Global Engineering and Testing Ltd provides a wide range of geotechnical and environmental consulting services, material testing and engineering inspection services to all phases of industry.

Our Areas of Expertise

Global Engineering and Testing strives to provide their client base with good value thanks in part to their extensive experience, excellent customer service and first-rate field and laboratory testing equipment.

Notable Projects

We house a CCIL-certified soils and materials testing laboratory in Calgary

Areas of Expertise

We provide geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and materials testing services.

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Strong, Dedicated & Experienced

Our team includes certified engineering technologists and professional engineers.

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